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International Calling Rates and Bundles for Bangladesh

With Talk Home App, enjoy making high-quality calls to Bangladesh at cheap rates.Talk Home App's value-added call bundles help you talk longer for less.

Standard Rates

World Credits

Call Rates

Cheapest possible rates to call Bangladesh, 1p/min.

Service Rates
Bangladesh Landline 1p/min
Bangladesh Mobile 1.5p/min
Bangladesh SMS 10p/sms


(£10) Bangladesh 1000 Minutes


1000 Mins Landline/Mobile

Valid for 30 days


(£5) Bangladesh 500 Minutes


500 Mins Landline/Mobile

Valid for 30 days

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Cheap Calls To Bangladesh With Talk Home App

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Why Choose Talk Home App?

Why Choose Talk Home App? Make High-Quality International Calls at Cheap Rates

With Talk Home App, connect with your loved ones without them having to connect to the internet. They do not even need to have Talk Home App installed on their phones.

Because Talk Home App optimises connections on local lines and networks, you always get the most stable connections on call. Also, you experience no lapses or breaks during your calls.

With Talk Home App, you get total transparency over our services. You do not have to bear with sneaky calls or deductions on calls, top-ups and bundles.

Relish the finest international call quality at the cheapest rates with Talk Home App and enjoy the lowest possible rates starting from just 1p/min.

The Complete Package

A Reliable Calling App

Talk Home App is a trusted choice for millions of international callers for cheap, high-quality calls across 200 destinations worldwide. We connect and optimise international calls on local lines, so you always get exceptional call quality. Also, you can top-up any pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mobile network worldwide safely and securely.

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Talk Home App Customers Share Their Experiences

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some of our customers sharing their international calling experience with Talk Home App

Outstanding Service
“It has been almost a year I am using Talk Home App calling from the UK to Bangladesh, my home country. The quality of calls is excellent. I hardly experience any drops during the calls. In case I have a question or a query, Talk Home App Support is open to help out. My issues are resolved rather quickly. I highly recommend the app.”
Dr. Kamal Hossain
Saving Money With Bundles
“I just arrived in the U.K. and didn’t have a mobile service here. Using Talk Home App on my iPad, I was able to call Bangladesh immediately at minimum cost. A first-class tool indeed. Also, I can use Talk Home App's value call bundles for Bangladesh, it saves me money. I can get in touch with my family almost anytime.”
Fast Connection
“I had been looking for a long-distance call provider and was happy when a friend recommended me Talk Home App. It was a seamless experience, right from installing the app to registering my number and making my first call. I was able to call home in a matter of minutes. I liked the fast connection. It felt like a local call. Great service, thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

To call a Bangladesh landline number from the UK, dial the exit code “00”, the country code “880”, the area code without the leading zero, followed by the recipient’s landline number.

To call Dhaka (area code “2”), your number will look like this,

To call a Bangladesh mobile number from the UK, dial the exit code “00” or “+”, Bangladesh country code “880”, followed by the recipient’s 8, 9 or 10 digit mobile number without the leading zero.

An example of calling a Bangladesh mobile number “018-XXXXXXX” is,

With Talk Home App, you can make calls to landlines and mobile networks in Bangladesh with ease. Once you download the app and register an account, you’ll receive a PIN. Now you can top-up your account and start making international calls.

Unless you have promotional credit, you will need to top-up your balance to start making calls, send messages, or credit.

With Talk Home App, you can call mobile networks and landlines at cheap rates. Our lowest call charges start from 1p/min only. Download the app, register your number and top-up your account with sufficient funds to start calling.

To check out our rates relevant to your country, click here .

To top-up your account through Talk Home App website, go to the top-up section. Enter the amount to top-up, and click on the "Next" button.

To top-up from your mobile, click on the top-up button on Talk Home App. You will see the following options on-screen, which you can use to top-up your account.

  • Voucher
  • Top-up by Card
  • Top-up by PayPal
  • Call to top-up
  • In-App Transfer
Select the most suitable option for you, and then follow the respective guidelines.

To send credit as an international top-up from Talk Home App website, go to the Send Credit section. Select your Country, enter the Phone Number and click on the Next button.

To send credit as international top-up from Talk Home App, click on the International Top-Up button on the app. Enter the Phone Number and tap the Next button.

For Talk Home In-App Transfer, go to the TOP UP section in your app, tap the In-App Transfer button. Enter the Phone Number and Amount. Finally, tap the Transfer button.

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