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Frequently Asked Questions

To call a landline number in Afghanistan, dial the exit code [Exit Code], the country code AF, the area code without the leading zero, followed by the recipient’s landline number.

To call a mobile number in Afghanistan, dial the exit code [Exit Code] or use the “+” symbol, input Afghanistan’s country code AF, followed by the recipient’s 10-digit mobile number without the leading zero.

You can also call Afghanistan using Talk Home App. Download Talk Home App and register. You’ll need to top-up your account to make cheap calls to Afghanistan and utilise other services.

With Talk Home App, you can make cheap calls to mobile networks and landlines to Afghanistan. Once you download, register yourself on the app, and top-up your account with sufficient funds. You can then start making calls to Afghanistan.

Open Talk Home App on your phone. If you are a new user, register yourself on the app. To register a new account, .

If you are already registered with Talk Home App, you can log in to your account

You will need to top-up your account to get connected. You can also explore our international calling bundles to connect longer for less.

Talk Home App is free to download from the Play Store and the App Store. With Talk Home App, you can make international calls at affordable calling rates.

To register yourself on Talk Home App, go to the Register page. Enter your name, phone number, and email. Click on the Next button to proceed with the registration process.

To register yourself through the app, download the app. Next, enter your phone number. You will receive your PIN through an SMS. Enter the PIN on the app. You are all set to go.

To top-up your account through the website, simply go to the top-up section. Enter your registered number and the amount to be topped up. Then click on the "Next" button.

To top-up from your phone, simply tap on the Top-Up icon on Talk Home App. You will see the following on-screen options to top-up your account:

  1. Voucher
  2. Top-up by Card
  3. Top-up by PayPal
  4. Call to top-up
  5. In-App Transfer

Select your preferred mode of payment and follow the respective guidelines.

To make an in-app transfer, go to the Send Credit section. Enter the Phone Number and click on the Next button.

For Talk Home App in-app transfer, go to the top-up section in your app, tap the in-app transfer icon. Input the phone number and the amount you’d like to transfer. Finally, tap the Transfer button

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