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International Calling Rates for Brazil

With Talk Home App, enjoy making high-quality calls to Brazil at cheap rates.

Standard Rates

World Credits

Call Rates

Cheapest possible rates to call Brazil, 1p/min.

Service Rates
Brazil Landline 1p/min
Brazil Mobile 5p/min
Brazil SMS 10p/sms

Send International Mobile Top-Ups Safely

With Talk Home App, send international mobile credit to friends and family on pay-as-you-go networks worldwide. With our innovative technologies, your mobile credit transfers safely and quickly every time. Your friends and family do not need to have Talk Home App installed on their phones.


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Cheap Calls To Brazil With Talk Home App

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Why Choose Talk Home App?

Why Choose Talk Home App? Make High-Quality International Calls at Cheap Rates

Connect on local lines and networks through Talk Home App, so you get the best call quality at the cheapest possible rates. With our relationships with key suppliers and international calling network operators, you do not bear lapses or breaks in connections during your calls.

Connect with your friends and family members worldwide without them having to connect with the internet. You connect with them effortlessly on their pay-as-you-go networks. It is the way international calling should be.

Talk Home App gives you complete clarity and transparency on the services you get. You do not encounter hidden charges or sneaky deductions. Enjoy total control using Talk Home App. Get complete protection on your data on Talk Home App.

With Talk Home App, you can make cheap international calls with the lowest possible rate starting from 1 p/min. Despite our cheap rates, we never compromise on call quality.

The Complete Package

A Trusty Calling App

Connecting millions of international callers worldwide, Talk Home App has been a reliable calling app for users worldwide. We make over 12 million calls happen every month and about 150+ million calls every year. With Talk Home App, you can safely send international mobile credit to any pay-as-you-go (PAYG) network worldwide.

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Talk Home App Customers Share Their Experiences

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of our customers sharing their international calling experience with Talk Home App

Perfect app to connect with loved ones
“I had been on the lookout for a calling app ever since I landed in the UK to connect with my friends and family in Sao Paulo. The call quality was excellent, and so was the speed of the connection. I had promotional credit, so my first few calls were free with the app. For cheap phone calls to Brazil from UK, Talk Home App is a great choice”
Great app for mobile and landline networks worldwide
“I found Talk Home App to be a convenient app indeed. We have features such as sending mobile credit to other countries is simply the best. Also, I have to admit the clear voice quality is evident. To call UK from Brazil, Talk Home App is a fantastic calling app. Moreover, for cheap calls to brazil landline or mobile networks, this has to be your go-to app”
Awesome app with great features
“I am a bit of an internet geek, and I found Talk Home App from a social media handle. I read some positive reviews on Talk Home App and decided to give it a shot. In all honesty, downloading the app was easy; I found the app interface friendly and intuitive. A genuinely first-class tool indeed. For cheap mobile calls to Brazil, Talk Home App is certainly the best choice I can think of.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call on landlines and mobile networks in Brazil by using Talk Home App. Once you register your number on the app, you are ready to make calls to Brazil. Unless you have promotional credit, you’ll need to top-up your account to make calls, send messages or mobile credit.

To call a Brazil landline number from the UK, dial the exit code “00“, the country code “55“, the city code without the leading zero, followed by the recipient’s landline number.
To call Sao Paulo (Area code: “11“), for example, your number will look like,
To call a Brazil mobile number from the UK, dial the exit code “00“ or “+“ Brazil country code “55“, followed by the recipient’s 9 digit mobile number without the leading zero.
An example of calling a Sao Paulo mobile number “XXXXXYYYY“ would be,

You can use Talk Home App to call landlines and mobile networks at cheap rates. Download Talk Home App, register your number on the app and top-up your account. After that, you are all set to make cheap calls to Brazil.

Download and install Talk Home App from Play Store or App Store. If you are a new user, register your number on the app. To register a new account, click here.
After registering with Talk Home App, you can log-in to your account. Enter your number and then tap Next. On signing in, you will view the app’s primary interface.

To register your number through Talk Home Website, go to the registration page. Enter your name, phone number, and email. Click on the Next button to proceed with the registration process.
To register your number through the app, first, download the app. Install it on your phone. Run the app and enter your number. You will receive your PIN through an SMS. Enter the PIN on the app. You are all set to go

To top-up your account through Talk Home App website, go to the top-up section. Enter the amount to top-up, and click on the "Next" button.

To top-up from your mobile, click on the top-up button on Talk Home App. You will see the following options on-screen, which you can use to top-up your account.

  • Voucher
  • Top-up by Card
  • Top-up by PayPal
  • Call to top-up
  • In-App Transfer
Select the most suitable option for you, and then follow the respective guidelines.

To send credit as an international top-up from Talk Home App website, go to the Send Credit section. Select your Country, enter the Phone Number and click on the Next button.

To send credit as international top-up from Talk Home App, click on the International Top-Up button on the app. Enter the Phone Number and tap the Next button.

For Talk Home In-App Transfer, go to the TOP UP section in your app, tap the In-App Transfer button. Enter the Phone Number and Amount. Finally, tap the Transfer button.

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