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Calling Pakistan has never been so affordable. With Talk Home App, you can make cheap calls to Pakistan in an instant

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International Calling Rates and Bundles for Pakistan

With Talk Home App, enjoy making high-quality calls to Pakistan at cheap rates. Explore bundles that fit your specific needs, and enjoy more minutes for less costs.

Standard Rates

World Credits

Call Rates

Cheapest possible rates to call Pakistan, 4p/min.

Service Rates
Pakistan Landline 4p/min
Pakistan Mobile 4p/min
Pakistan SMS 10p/sms


(£10) Pakistan 300 Minutes


300 Mins Landline/Mobile

Valid for 30 days


(£20) Pakistan 700 Minutes


700 Mins Landline/Mobile

Valid for 30 days

Safely Send International Mobile Top-Ups

With Talk Home App, you can safely send international mobile credit to friends and family anywhere in the world. They don’t even need to have Talk Home App installed on their phones.


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Cheap Calls To Pakistan With Talk Home App

Talk Home App is your trusted choice for making cheap, high-quality international calls across 200 destinations worldwide.

Cheap & High Quality Calls

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You can call 250+ destinations worldwide with Talk Home App. Here are your most popular choices.

Why Choose Talk Home App?

Why Choose Talk Home App? Make High-Quality International Calls at Cheap Rates

Enjoy calling your friends and family abroad without them having to connect to the internet. We connect you on local lines and networks, so that you get the best connectivity and call-quality.

Because Talk Home App enhances connections on local lines and networks, you get excellent call quality and stable connections. Also, you do not experience any lapses or breaks during your calls.

With Talk Home App, you get to enjoy total clarity on your services, meaning there are no hidden charges on calls, international top-ups or bundles.

You get to enjoy excellent international call quality at the most affordable rates with Talk Home App.

The Complete Package

A Trusted Calling App

Talk Home App is a reliable choice of international callers worldwide, who enjoy cheap, high-quality calls. We connect people to over 200 destinations around the world. We make sure you always get optimum call quality since we optimise calls through local lines. Besides, you can top-up any pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mobile network worldwide.

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Talk Home App Customers Share Their Experiences

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some of our customers sharing their international calling experience with Talk Home App

I Love the App!
“I had been looking for an international calling app for a while. A colleague here in the UK suggested Talk Home App. Calling home to my hometown in Pakistan was satisfactory. I loved the voice quality. I appreciate Talk Home App and the services it is offering. I hope to continue using the app. Thank you.”
Easy to Use
“Adoring the Talk Home App, and unlike many other calling apps, I found it much easier to use to call home in Pakistan. I love the app interface, and I feel all app features (including mobile top-up and in-app credit transfer) are intuitive and easy-to-use. I am exploring the value call-bundles and plan to buy subscriptions for more value. I have recommended the app to friends here in the UK.”
Great Connectivity
“Perhaps, one of the most amazing things I found after my experience with the Talk Home App was the connectivity. I was surprised by the call-quality at first. It felt like a local call and not an international call by any stretch. I was impressed. I think this is one of the best calling apps going around.”

Frequently Asked Questions

To call a Pakistani landline number from the UK, dial the exit code “00”, the country code “92”, the area code without the leading zero, followed by the recipient’s landline number.

To call Islamabad (area code “051”), your number will look like this,

To call a Pakistani mobile number from the UK, dial the exit code “00” or “+”, Pakistan country code “92”, followed by the recipient’s 10 digit mobile number without the leading zero.

An example of calling a Pakistan mobile number “0333-XXXXXXX” would be,

You can also call Pakistan using Talk Home App. Download and register your mobile number on the platform. You’ll need to top-up your account to start making calls and utilise other services.

Unless you have promotional credit, you will need to top-up your balance to start making calls, send messages, or credit.

With Talk Home App, you can make cheap calls to mobile networks and landlines to Pakistan. Once you download, register your phone on the app, and top-up your account with sufficient funds, you can start making calls to Pakistan. For calling rates associated with your country, check out our rates section.

Download and install Talk Home App on your phone. Open Talk Home App on your phone. If you are a new user, register your number on the app. To register a new account, click here.

If you are already registered with Talk Home App, you can log in to your account. Enter your number and then click "Next". On signing in, you will be directed to the app's main interface.

Talk Home App is free to download from Play Store and App Store. With Talk Home App, you can make international calls at affordable rates.

To register your number through Talk Home App website, go to the registration page. Enter your name, phone number, and email. Click on the Next button to proceed with the registration process.

To register your number through the app, first, download the app. Install it on your phone. Run the app and enter your number. You will receive your PIN through an SMS. Enter the PIN on the app. You are all set to go!

To top-up your account through the website, simply go to the top-up section. Enter your registered number and the amount to be topped up. Then click on the "Next" button.

To top-up from your phone, simply tap on the Top-Up icon on Talk Home App. You will see the following on-screen options to top-up your account.

  • Voucher
  • Top-up by Card
  • Top-up by PayPal
  • Call to top-up
  • In-App Transfer
Select the most suitable option for you, and then follow the respective guidelines.

To send mobile credit as an international top-up from Talk Home App website, go to the Send Credit section. Enter the Phone Number and click on the Next button.

To send mobile credit international top-up from Talk Home App, click on the International Top-Up icon on the app. Select your Country, enter the Phone Number and tap the Next button.

For Talk Home In-App Transfer, go to the TOP UP section in your app, tap the In-App Transfer icon. Enter the Phone Number and Amount. Finally, tap the Transfer button.

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